Questions and Answers

What special performing conditions do you need?

None really. Any room away from foot traffic is best. In other words, a place where the audience can focus on the show without distractions. I can set up the show within five minutes and just as quickly leave the area free for other activities. I do like to have at least one other adult present at the show, because, while I enjoy entertaining, I would much rather not be a disciplinarian!

Do you need a stage?

No, I can work almost anywhere, even outdoors. I pride myself on flexibility. A recreation room is a good place to have a show. Of course, if an auditorium is available, I can work there too. All I need is enough room for me and for the children to move around.

Can you work with handicapped children?

Absolutely. I try to use as volunteers a broad range of children, and handicapped children are not a problem.

What size audience can your show accomodate?

My show should be easily visible to audiences of up to 300 people.

What is your travelling range?

I can perform all over Northwest Indiana for my standard fee. This includes Hobart, Lake Station, Gary, Merrillville, Miller, Portage, Ogden Dunes, Black Oak, Lakes of the Four Seasons, Griffith, Crown Point, Chesterton, Highland, St. John, Dune Acres, Munster, East Chicago, Burns Harbor, Cedar Lake, Porter, Valparaiso, Hammond, Hebron, Chesterton, Schererville, Whiting, Lowell, Beverly Shores, and Kouts .

How do you charge for distance?

Local venues are covered by my basic fee. For locations outside my local area, I charge based on travel distance.

When delivering an educational message, is it entertaining or does it just come off as “preachy?”

Making my message entertaining is very important to me. That’s why I am careful to make a positive message a part of the magic and not just presented as a dry lecture. Kids learn much better when they are enjoying themselves!

Are you good at keeping the children’s attention?

Absolutely! My show is fast-paced without any slow moments such as might otherwise be needed to set up the next trick. My show moves in a rapid-fire fashion without any boring pauses or “stage waits.”

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