children's magician

How To Make Any Children’s Event Fun, Educational and Memorable!

Birthday Parties

Make your child’s next birthday party something that he or she will cherish for a lifetime! Tim Arends’ show will involve and excite all the children, and the birthday boy or girl will become the special star of the show, helping out with the feature trick! Tim Arends can also supply the goodie bags, saving you the trouble and hassle of selecting these and putting them together yourself! For an even more special party, Tim can make balloon animals for all the children, right there at your child’s party!

Picnics & Festivals

Tim Arends has performed at events such as the Lowell Oktoberfest, the Hammond AugustFest and the Whiting Pierogifest for many years, and he is equally at home at smaller venues as well. You can add a dash of extra excitement to your church picnic, carnival or other event with his blend of magic, fun, comedy and balloon sculpting. He also brings his own sound system to ensure that everyone can hear him, and he can even provide the carnival music for your event!

School Shows

Tim Arends can provide an educational treat for your special school events. In addition to a highly entertaining show for grammar school age students, he can deliver positive messages about avoiding gangs, choosing good friends, reading and good manners, all presented in a highly entertaining, non-preachy way!

Library Shows

Tim Arends’ show encourages the love of reading! The kids get a chuckle hearing about how he learned magic by reading, and as if to demonstrate, he pulls some of his magic props out of an oversized book! His feature trick illustrates the point to the kids that every book is a magic book, provided they open it and actually read it!

Christmas Parties

Tim Arends’ magic show makes a special treat for the children at your fraternal organization or, church event. To make your event super special, let Tim make balloon animals for all the children! And remember that his act can serve as a great lead-in to the introduction of Santa Claus. Christmas is magical, and so is Tim Arends!