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Here’s a One-Man Carnival of Fun For Your Picnic or Festival!

You want something that will entertain, hold the kids’ interest, and get your guests talking enthusiastically about what they just saw.

Why not let Tim Arends perform his 30-minute or 45-minute magic act and afterwards make balloon animals for all the children in attendance! What a great way to keep the children engaged, occupied and having a good time at your next church or organization picnic or festival!

Children love the bright and colorful balloon elephants, rabbits, giraffes, dogs, parakeets, swords and more that Tim sculpts at your event specifically for your attendees! Parents love the fact that their children are occupied and that they have something to take home with them after the event!

Tim needs no elaborate or special performing conditions--he is flexible enough to perform just about anywhere. Plus, he brings his own wireless audio system, ensuring that he can be heard under almost any conditions! He can even bring his own carnival-style music as accompaniment during his balloon twisting!

Tim has been performing at festivals and picnics for over 20 years and has performed at events both large and small. He has performed for the cities of Hammond, Lowell, Whiting and many others throughout the Northwest Indiana area. He has a proven track record of many years of successful performing. His past experience is your guarantee of a successful event.

When Tim Arends arrives for the show, you need only provide a place to perform and he will handle the rest. He can perform in most situations, whether on a stage, in a tent or on a lawn. His show is filled with magic, comedy, and audience interaction--good clean entertainment the whole family will enjoy.

What will you get by hiring Tim Arends?
  • A universal entertainment everyone enjoys
  • A way to make an otherwise boring event “special”
  • A proven, experienced performer
  • Entertainment that can work almost anywhere
  • A way of thanking customers, clients and patrons and showing them how much you value them
  • Plenty of “thank yous” for providing a great time!
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