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Here’s a Fun Preschool Magic Show That Will Make Both Parents and Kids Happy While Delivering a Positive Message!

When Tim Arends started doing educational programs over five years ago, he could never have foreseen the positive response he would receive from educators and parents. Nearly every daycare, preschool, and kindergarten who has seen one of his programs schedules him to come back time and time again.

After all, there aren't many effective educational programs that combine magic and fun, something that kids relate to, with positive and uplifting themes such as ...

• Street crossing safety.
• The magic of good manners.
• The importance of choosing and being a good friend.
• And many others!

Tim’s shows are fun and they positively impact children's lives.

The children have a lot of fun and they learn a positive message when he brings out his ventriloquist puppet, “Tyler Taylor” and he tells about the “Glad Seeds” that he spreads on the school bus by being nice and helping those who need it.

Children love it when he explains the value of good manners, showing how a stack of dollar bills keep multiplying even though he keeps throwing some of them away.

Kids learn the importance of “Stop, Look and Listen” when approaching any intersection.

And, of course, parents love the fact that their children are learning valuable life lessons while being thoroughly entertained at the same time!

Tim Arends’ preschools shows are reasonably priced. Why not call today to schedule his next performance at your own center?

(219) 947-3782