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Tim Arends’ Show Packs Pure Entertainment Along With a Powerful Educational Message -- Without Being Preachy!

Tim Arends’ show is a great way to deliver a powerful, education- focused message or simply to celebrate a special occasion at your school. Tim’s show can make any event extra special.

Whether you want to reward the children for good performance or bring together school families for such events as family fun nights, you can be sure that the students will enjoy the memorable magic and hilarious ventriloquism that “Arends the Amazing” brings to your event. Plus, there is plenty of volunteer interaction that gives the students an opportunity to participate in the show.

Tim’s show is entirely self-contained and he brings his own table, equipment and even sound system to ensure that everything goes smoothly. He can set up and pack down quickly, leaving the space open for other presentations.

If you want to deliver an important life lesson to your students, Tim Arends can do so in a fun and entertaining way without being preachy.

For example, Tim’s Muppet-style character “Tyler Taylor” tells him about the “glad seeds” that he plants in people instead of gardens--things such as smiling, being helpful to others, and making the best of a bad situation. The funny routine drives home the point without coming across as a “lecture.”

Tim’s “friendly influence” routine emphasizes the importance of choosing friends wisely. When a helper stuffs a white and black handkerchief into a bag and brings them out again polka dotted, it drives home the point that the value systems of friends can “rub off” on one another. When a yellow, stained rag, representing “bad friends,” is mixed in, the result is humorous and memorable!

Another routine, in which Tim brings out placards showing a boy and girl, makes a similar point. Tim shows how they “magically” change places when he puts them behind his back, which quickly has the kids yelling “turn them around!”

After some byplay, Tim shows how the boy has fallen in with the wrong crowd and has landed in the hospital while the girl has pursued her dreams of playing basketball. At the end of the routine, Tim shows that the girl has become a professional basketball player, while the boy has landed in jail!

In his “Magic of Manners” routine, a stack of dollar bills multiply even though Tim tosses some of them away, showing that there are always manners to go around, no matter how many of them are “spent.” Just like money, courtesy and consideration have no value if they are hoarded. The dollar bills keep expanding in quantity climaxing with a large pile of bills!

Tim Arends’ show is easily visible by groups of up to 300 people. Why not call him now to secure your date?

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