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Here’s How To Convey the Fun and Magic of Reading in an Entertaining Way!

We want to get people reading while they're still young, so we can make it a habit. Tim Arends has a show especially geared toward getting young people excited about reading.

Tim’s show is about sending the message that reading is exciting, rewarding and fun! Young people will not only be motivated to read, they will learn the importance of turning off the television and turning on to the thrill of books.

The show can easily fit in with any other reading program events you want to offer.

Here are some of the messages Tim Arends delivers in his show:
• Any book is a magic book as long as you open it and read it!
• Reading can make you rich in ideas and brain power.
• You can expand your mind and learn about anything or any place.
• You can achieve your dreams through the magic of reading.

Experienced Entertainer

Tim Arends has been performing in the Northwest Indiana area for over twenty years. You may have seen him at such places as the Hammond Summerfest, Lowell Octoberfest, the City of Highland, and many other places. Here are some of the benefits you get from Tim’s show:
• A fun, fast moving and enjoyable show that uses audience members as volunteers to help reinforce the message.
• A show especially geared towards encouraging reading
• A reliable member of accredited organizations the Society of American Magicians and the North American Association of Ventriloquists.

Having a specially-tailored reading show like this is worth many thousands of dollars to a library summer reading program. Encouraging young people to form a lifetime reading habit is invaluable.

A Program Aimed At Getting Kids To Read

The reading message is an integral part of Tim Arends’ magic. The magic effects are carefully selected to illustrate the points he makes about the fun of reading—without being “preachy!”

For example, in one funny routine, he explains how an adventure is a thrilling or remarkable experience. And where do we go for such an experience? To our local library, of course!

Tim tells the audience that to learn about, for example, shooting the rapids, he needn’t find a boat or take lessons or find a dangerous river. All he need do is read a book...and when he opens the book it squirts him in the face! (He says the book was so thrilling he could actually feel the blast of the water!)

Then he talks about fighting forest fires. The best way to start learning about this, he says, is also by reading a book. He opens the same book and it bursts into flames!

Finally, when he talks about gardening, a giant bouquet of flowers pops out of the book! A fun, reading-focused routine like this reinforces the reading message in a fun and memorable way.

Why not contact Tim Arends today? Be sure to ask about discounts when booking multiple library shows.

(219) 947-3782