christmas party entertainment

Here’s a Rollicking Fun Christmas Gift the Whole Family will Enjoy!

Christmas is fast approaching!

You are in charge of the entertainment but you have so many demands on you!

First, you want it to be fun. That's most important.

Second, you want something that will fit into your venue without a lot of fuss or requirements, and with a limited amount of space.

Tim Arends’ show is well suited to such situations. He can bring his own wireless sound system, ensuring that everyone can hear him while not being tied down to a microphone or stand. He can set things up quickly and take them down just as fast, leaving the floor free for other activities.

He can serve as a great lead-in for Santa, or he can stick around for a while and make balloon animals for the attendees, giving everyone something to take home with them.

You’ll get compliments from everyone who attends the event. Tim provides the type of entertainment that interests and amuses, that holds the attention of the young audience...and adults too!

Here is an act that has appeal to all ages but especially to children. Children love to be carried away into the land of make-believe, to the land of magic...and when that magic is clean, modern, and full of laughter and excitement, the audience stays put...they are too busy enjoying themselves to become a nuisance!

Dozens of Northwest Indiana organizations will vouch for Tim’s ability as an entertainer and magician. He has had over 20 years experience in this work and can be depended upon to put on a high class, 100% entertaining act.

Why not call Tim Arends now to set up a performance for your own Christmastime event?

(219) 947-3782